Traditional Yoga Treatment

Traditional Yoga Treatment

The importance of ' yoga ' as a preserver and promoter of health as it's therapeutic measure is now well accepted by whole world. The word ' YOGA ' derived from word 'Yuj ' which means ' To join '. According to various yogic scriptures ' YOGA ' means the joining or union of an individual soul with the supreme soul. Though this may be a dream in this today's stressful life, we can look at  this science for the reunion of tired body and confused mind to regain health. This is not surprising as ' YOGA ' corrects and regulates the imbalance of the body - mind - spirit to maintain good health as also cures psychosomatic problems with or without other therapies.

Being a modern, civilized person living in today's fast world; stress has become a way of life for all of us. Stress is caused when our needs are not fulfilled or we may face failure in attempts to satisfy our needs. Stress may be caused by frustrations, conflicts or pressure, anxiety and this may lead to various psychosomatic disorders. So what is a solution for this?  

 ' YOGA ' is the only solution !

We are conducting regular classical yoga batches in the early mornings. As mentioned in one of the yogic scripture ' Hathpradipika….

Classes are open to all age groups from teenagers to elders or even senior citizens who can perform basic asanas. At present there are two batches are being conducted in the morning by most experienced and trained yogteachers. Other than these batches we give personal training through out the day. Those who are unable to come at the center we conduct home visits for them.

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