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Yoga Treatment

Other Treatments

  • Medical Yoga Courses
    The prime motive behind conducting Medical Yog courses is spreading Sanjeevan Yog in the society. Creating teachers and train one person in every household are other objectives of the course.Basically we are unaware of our correct posture.Lacking of postural awareness,wrong lifestyle, dietary
  • Acupressure Treatment
     Acupressure treatment is a same treatment as Acupuncture. Instead of pricking needles therapist use fingers to stimulate the acupoints on the body. We use big byol magnets on the main meridians as well small byol magnets on the palms to harmonize the energy which relieves the pain and allows body
  • Sujok Treatment
    "Su-jok " is a Korean Treatment developed by Late Prof. Park Jae Woo, a Korean scientist approximately 43 years back. " Su-jok " is a combination of two words. In Korean " Su " means hands and " Jok " means feet. Thus, su-jok naturally means treatment on hands and feet. " Su-jok " Acupuncture is a
  • Sanjeevan Medical Yoga Treatment
    Yogasana is a third step of 'Ashtangyog'. In short asana  is a acquired physical posture with minimal effort to harmonize the body,prana,and mind.In various yogic postures, inner pranic energy flows in such a manner that it creats harmony inside the body and calms down the vagrant mind. If sadhaka
  • Meditation
    Stress is a buzzword these days. It is a byproduct of our Lifestyle. It catches on faster than the eye can see or the mind can perceive. Practising yoga asanas and pranayama can reduce  Stress but to have peace of mind and to be unconditionally happy, we need to tap into the power of
  • Traditional Yoga Treatment
    The importance of ' yoga ' as a preserver and promoter of health as it's therapeutic measure is now well accepted by whole world. The word ' YOGA ' derived from word 'Yuj ' which means ' To join '. According to various yogic scriptures ' YOGA ' means the joining or union of an individual soul with